SentryGuard™ Burst Resistant Coils

Freeze damage is one of the leading causes of coil failure in HVAC systems.

Water or condensate in coils at an ambient temperature of 32° F or less, will freeze and expand. And, if cold air blows across the surface of coils (such as by a fan), freezing can accelerate.

When frozen water expands within coils, this expansion causes internal coil pressures to reach dangerous levels. If internal coil pressure exceeds the design limits of tubes, headers, or return bends, any or all of these critical components can burst.

SentryGuard™ is the first coil of its kind, designed to protect itself from the cold.

SentryGuard™ pressure relief coils form a last line of defense against major damage!
If internal coil pressure approaches the design limits, a specially designed plate ruptures. This action releases pressure when and where the relief is needed.

Freeze severity determines how many SentryGuard™ relief caps rupture.

No matter how many relief caps rupture, repair is quick & easy!

  1. Unscrew ruptured cap
  2. Set in replacement
  3. Hand tighten
Replacement relief caps can be easily stored on or near each coil for quick repair, getting you back up and running in minutes.

While there are some measures you can take to protect against coil freeze (e.g. freezestats, control systems or reheat coils), none provide 100% protection against freeze. You may not be able to prevent coil freeze, but you CAN prevent its damage with SentryGuard™ Burst Resistant Coils!

Benefits of SentryGuard™

  • Decreases downtime from freeze damage
  • Avoids whole coil replacement
  • Works well with steam coil systems
  • No changing row or circuitry arrangement
  • Eliminates or lowers cost of repairs
Sentryguard freeze resistant coils

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