Paragon Controls MTSE

Multi-Trans Smart Ecosystem (MTSE)

Paragon Control's MTSE was engineered to provide a solution for measuring essential airflow and pressure points required for ventilation and filtration used to reduce airborne infectious aerosol exposure. It accurately measures up to three systems making it perfect for air handling or rooftop units requiring:

  • supply fan array,
  • return fan array,
  • and outside air intake monitoring.

The MTSE can connect to each fan's existing piezometer-ring airflow sensors or to field installed airflow stations; up to five flow sensing points

It can simultaneously measure up to four additional differential pressure sensing points such as pressure drop across filters or coils, duct static pressure, and plenum pressure.

The MTSE can be configured at the factory for plug-and-play installation or field-configured using the Setup Wizard.

Purchasing fewer transducers lowers life cycle costs

  • Lower installation costs
  • Lower electrical costs
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Lower replacement costs

Multi-Trans is the answer to all your AHU/RTU measurement requirements

  • Compact
  • Flexible
  • Comprehensive
  • Accurate
  • Cost Effective
Paragon Controls MTSE

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Read more about MTSE in our technical spec sheet.

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